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Unlock forum best practices, apply crucial conversations and psychological safety to your personal and business life, integrate work and life for a Life By Design, and achieve the coveted 1% share level with executive coach, Todd Palmer’s guidance.

Get ready to transform your executive forum or board and elevate your leadership game with Todd’s bold and insightful coaching.

Todd Palmer and EO Forum Retreat Members

Todd's depth of experience combined with the scientific approach is extremely effective. His coaching, retreat facilitation, meeting facilitation and understanding of the business owner or manager mindset is the best I know. I highly recommend him to help your organization get unstuck or to optimize and keep good things going in the right direction.

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CEO of Snap Tech IT

Make Your Next EO or YPO Forum Retreat Unforgettable

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A Forum Retreat Customized to Fit Your Team

Achieve the coveted 1% share level that allows your forum members to connect on a deeper level, allowing them to be seen, heard, known, and accepted through Todd’s unique approach utilizing a combination of exercise and live coaching demos.

Every relationship begins with YOU. How you show up, act and behave. Imagine if you knew yourself, what motivates you and how you impact those in your forum or on your board.

What is a Forum Retreat

Diagnostic Test
Each member of the forum/workshop will take a short diagnostic test that will peel back the mystery of who they are, allowing for a deeper understanding of the motives behind the decisions & actions each member takes, resulting in improved self-awareness and greater acceptance by others.
Psychological Safety Live-Demo
Todd will live-demo the Psychological Safety coaching model, demonstrating how you can get below the symptom level of issues to the deepest root cause. This is a great takeaway tool for all aspects of life, including family and business relationships.
In-depth Survey To Illuminate How You Show Up in Your Life
How do you show up to others? Do people in our lives feel seen, heard, known, and accepted by us? How do we talk to ourselves – what is our internal dialogue?
Problem-Solving Framework
Solve nearly any problem in business, family, or within us by changing how we show up, how we process experiences, and how we deal with feedback. This is based on the work of neuroscientist Dr. Danny Friedland.
History of Your Lives
Help each forum member peel back the history of their lives to share with their forum cohort in a safe environment of who they are beneath the surface.
Reflective Inquiry
Gain imperative tools, based on the work by Dr. Marcia Reynolds, allowing you to communicate with anyone from 8-80 years old, creating new, authentic relationships and healing relationships with those who matter most.

Have Todd Lead Your Next Forum Retreat

Improve your forum by cultivating deeper connections through psychological safety.

1-Day Retreat

  • One Full Day
  • 5+ forum attendees
  • Three features
  • Two free hours to attend dinner the night before
  • Travel cost

Frequently Asked Questions

You're in Detroit. How can you guarantee that regardless of where our retreat is held you will be there on time?

To guarantee attendance, Todd will leave Detroit the day before he is scheduled to work with a forum to minimize the impact of travel delays. As a bonus Todd would be able meet your group for dinner the day before your facilitation, at no additional charge.

Travel costs are not included in your pricing. What do you usually charge on average?

We pass along the costs for airfare, airport parking, Uber or Car rental, and lodging. The biggest variable is the airfare pricing.

What makes you different from other facilitators? What can I expect from hiring you?

You can expect zero BS and coddling. Todd is there to generate a deeper connection within your leadership and forum and you can't do that with someone who skirts uncomfortable and tough conversations.

He'll create a psychologically safe environment by removing historical baggage, artificial harmony, and perception through curiosity, mirroring, and validating, allowing you all to show up as your most authentic, vulnerable, transparent selves. This will unearth root issues and allow you to leave deeply connected and with new skills to continue honing these skills and relationships at home and work.

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“This isn’t about giving advice. This isn’t about solving the problem. This is about truly active listening and being there for the other person.”

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